Let’s Carefully Analyze The New Features

Version 11 of angular is here and we’ve got some interesting updates to check out. In this short article I’ll walk you through the most significant new features you need to know about and point out why you may or may not want to update your project.

npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

This will get you running the latest version of angular…

We need to get this straight…

Day 01

For a while now, I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading content by people hoping to redefine the ways men carry themselves in everyday life.

At some point during the video, he goes as far as to give thanks to the Lord for red-pill philosophy 🤣🤣… But is red-pill? Really

A Growing Idea

If you listen and accept what others tell you is alpha and just believe it, you’re just taking in other people’s opinion, which isn’t alpha.

Happiness is very rarely what you want for yourself. Maybe for the people around you, but for yourself? Very, very, very… rarely.

Pointless cover photo because Medium demands one.

One of the most import revelations I made lately was the understanding of the difference between pride and happiness. Consequently, I’ve gone forward to try and understand why people conflate (a word I learnt from some guy talking about Facebook, obviously) the two. If you ever tell yourself, “I’m not happy.” chances are the feeling your looking for is pride.

Happiness is not a fleeting feeling

The preceding heading contains no errors

Just before writing this, I felt really bad for whatever reason. I…

Startup? Non-profit? Sole business? or Large Corporation? 2020 was hard for all of us, different too — and its effects ripple on into 2021 to redefine the way we apply for funding. Let’s take a look at some things you don’t want to miss out on when writing grant proposals this year

Some things are more important than others, that couldn’t be any truer this year. In this post I will not discuss the typical grant checklist given by other writers on this topic, instead, I want to point out the key factors to help your business stand out of…

LastPass has decided to make some changes to their free offering and we will need to take some actions going forward due this update. This article shows you everything you need to know about LastPass’ latest changes and what you could to do going forward.

threejs beginner tutorial

In this post, we will use Threejs to create an amazing 3D effect for a shopping website. Take a minute to check the finished product here 😊. You like? Grab Visual Studio, another cup of coffee and let’s get started.

Downloading and Installing.

First, we’ll setup threejs, this part of the post is useful if you’re new to working with threejs and will learn something from the setup process. Then we will download the starter 3D project from my website and we will start importing our project and setting up the shop. Let’s Go!

GitHub CLI est GitHub sur la ligne de commande. Il apporte des demandes d’attraction, des problèmes et d’autres concepts GitHub au terminal à côté de l’endroit où vous travaillez déjà avec git et votre code. — GitHub

GitHub CLI — aka gh est une nouvelle façon d’utiliser github dans la ligne de commande. Ce tutoriel est une courte lecture de 10 minutes si vous suivez le long, et vous guidera complètement sur la façon de commencer. Nous allons examiner comment installer, authentifier, cloner un repo, créer un nouveau repo, vérifier l’état, ajouter des fichiers, faire de nouveaux commits et enfin…

GitHub CLI is GitHub on the command line. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code. — GitHub

This tutorial is a short 10 minute read if you follow along, and will completely guide you on how to get started. We will look at how to install, authenticate, clone a repo, create a new repo, check status, add files, make new commits and finally, push your changes to GitHub. This tutorial will get you well on your way to using this new tool, please…

On March 19th Unity Learn become freely available. Chances are, you heard of this, if not check out this guide on how to obtain your copy. In this guide I’ll walk you through all the essential steps you’ll need to benefit at all from this offer.

Why You Need To Be VERY Careful!

In the last year, Unity games have been downloaded more than 12 billion times. — Clive Downie, Unite 2017 Keynote

There is great competition in the game market, any game developer will tell you that this is a field that is generally associated with long crunch hours. For some reason, recently I see this…

Understanding Message Handlers-

This is the last portion before we move on to the lower-level transport layer and actually create a game server and client from scratch.

Creating The Handler Class

Now we shall proceed to create the class that will be in charge of handling notification messages from the server. Create a new class and put the following functionality in it.

Let me explain.

Now you needn’t forget to go back to the GameClient.cs and make sure to remove the function we created earlier and also unregistered from the callbacks. That update should leave the game client looking like this.

Now that…

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